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Most of us have probably thought at one point, why would anyone ever join a cult? Along with the reassured certainty that we could never be that brainwashed.

Heaven's Gate, The People's Temple (Jones Town) and Aum Shinrikyo, are just a few of history's more infamous cults, but cults are actually all around us. They are at our work place, our group of friends, football teams, political parties, and consumer brands.



The documentary takes an indepth look at groups like these that would not usually be consider cults, comparing and contrasting against some of the more extreme examples to help explain why people do actually join.  The documentary reveals that actually throughout our lives many of us have become part of a cult without even realising it, and how these hidden cults can be just as damaging. Examples of these include the below.

WORK CULTS: Many of us give years of our lives to one company. We make friends, join team building exercises, company outings, and follow company policy.

SPORT CULTS: We follow one team, wear the clothes, obsess about the stats, become happy when our team wins, and sad or even angry when our team loses.



The aim of the documentary is help people understand and recognise cults not just as the familiar extreme stereotypes, but also in our day to day lives. Hopefully helping people safeguard against them, along with the types of people who often lead them to manipulate others for their own gain.

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