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It starts small, a look, a comment, the seathing hate towards others. Day by day extreme ideologies seep into the mainstream and become more acceptable, spreading almost like a virus or biological outbreak. We see this first hand from a family's perspective, the start of social collapse, and their desperate attempt to escape and find somewhere safe as the country they once knew and loved falls to mob mentality.

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TAG LINE: When the extreme become the mainstream.



A family experience the rise of violent mob rule in their local community caused by economic collapse, political corruption and media scaremongering. Like a virus, a shared racial and xenophobic ideology has seeped into the mainstream, becoming more acceptable until people finally snap.



The world has changed, beliefs that used to be taboo are now expressed out in the open, encouraged even in mainstream politics. Shootings happen almost every day in the US, people of colour targeted, and neo-Nazis parade down the street with armed militia. Something has been set in motion, and our protagonists Adam and Melissa see this in their local community too. A seemingly normal neighbour flying what appears to be a Nazi flag, racial slurs in the store, and budget cuts to police and military as the government slowly loose control over the country. One day everything changes, and a violent organised mob take control, murdering people out in the open. On their own, they must find a way to escape and get to safety.